Pro-Link has since its establishment been collaborating with the Ghana Health Service both at the national and district levels. On all our project local advisory boards and stakeholders, GHS has always been represented either by the district Directors or their nominations. Aspects of our collaboration involve capacity enhancement of the GHS staff on the Eni Healthy Mother and Child project to the GHS staff providing various degrees of services on our many projects either at the facility level or at the district.

  1. Sexual Reproductive Health rights/Maternal Health/FP/PEP
  2. Malaria/Nutrition/Water& Sanitation
  3. Child Survival
  4. HIV/AIDS/TB/STI Prevention/Hepatitis B
  5. Testing and Counseling of HIV/STI Screening services
  6. Establishment and empowering PLHIV/KP support associations in Positive Living and IGA
  7. Care and support for Children Orphaned by HIV/AIDS and children of KPs
  8. Models of Hope interventions at ART Centers